Someones bad robot.txt send to prevent bid on

i was prevented to get inside paypal payment process

to get a bid on Klingonian letters included UTF license.,owned and domain name :

prevented to get in and paralely delete all old letters within the utf license.Last public Klingonian letters insode the license were shown on and maybe wikipedia.but short time BEFORE auction ended (seen on one of the pictures)all was deleted by wiki robots pr maybe their users ^^

one pic show the SE request to the blocked auction by country. Germany was on top because my sharing

on my social networks 😉

new symbols were already set before auction was ended .and their robots saved the backyars so it was not able to get inside auction or find the auction url  at all.

someones bad bad robots 😉

shame on you



One thought on “Someones bad robot.txt send to prevent bid on

  1. sure its truethe UTF language symbols were also cuted out of the unicode PRo data…seen in mernel logson an IOS placeholders a little black alienface was tKen..also it was not possible to on only paymentmethod was paypal and that was block d from robot.txt
    bid ammoint was about 150 $ . Veery cheap to a license who includes an apple symbol as new placeholder for the old klingonian UTF symbols included the license. so frustrating to get prevented to apply fot the license.also fucked up that the originial letter codes are gone and no copys exist or no one saved ot to webarchives ….


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